Sensors and radars scanning deep space detect a mysterious, abandoned spaceship, containing ancient technology. The Galactic Council of Elders decides that the wreck will be explored by a group comprised of representatives of different races. The explorers have one goal – to plunder as much data as possible and secure technology for their races. The chase for knowledge has finally begun!

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Andromeda utilizes the innovative mechanic ‘I split – you choose’, with players choosing which actions will be available to them. During the game one player rolls dice and divides them into offers which can be accepted or refused by other players. Symbols on the dice represent different actions, allowing to move the explorers, call additional aliens or use advanced technology. A thoughtful division of action dice and a smart approach to their assignment will lead one race to the ultimate victory.


Selling points:

  • Innovative mechanism mixing area control with ‘I split you choose’.
  • Strong Sci-fi theme - alien races trying to uncover the secrets of a mysterious spaceship.
  • High replayability thanks to aliens’ abilities, technology and random spaceship tiles.
  • Many different races with various abilities.
  • Highly detailed components, including 64 plastic Alien Explorers and 13 custom Command Dice.
  • The game was awarded the Dice Tower’s Seal of Approval.



  • 64 plastic Alien Explorer Miniatures
  • 12 Teleporter Tokens
  • 10 Vaccine Tokens
  • 13 Command Dice
  • 10 Room Tiles
  • 30 Mission Cards
  • 8 Race Cards
  • 8 Technology Cards
  • 4 Order Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • First Player Marker


Players: 2-4 players, ages 14+.


Play Time: ~60 minutes.