Angry Sheep

Angry Sheep


In this off-the-wall dice game, you are a Barbarian trying to round up your sheep while avoiding your thieving neighbors and the antics of the Sheep Revolution! Use the 8 custom dice to round up enough of the 35 sheep tokens to win.

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Angry Sheep is all about pressing your luck and stealing from your friends!

Roll the dice, keep your doubles, and take the re-rolls—but watch out!—your Barbarian may be distracted by frosty and delicious mugs of root beer.

Your neighbors are out to get you, and the Sheep Revolution has begun!


  • 7x Shepherd Dice
  • 1x Black Sheep Die
  • 35x Sheep Tokens
  • 1x Black Sheep Token
  • English, Spanish and French Rules Sheet

*Models supplied unpainted. Contents may vary from those shown.