Infinity July Releases

Products Due to Release on July 27th.

Avaliable for Preorder now 

CSU, Corporate Security Unit (Boarding Shotgun) (Mercs)


Do you believe yourself to be safe? Do you believe the police will protect you? You might be wrong. Police investigate crimes and suspects, but they cannot prevent them. That means they are powerless to protect you… The operatives in the Corporate Security Units stand out for their impeccable training and record sheet.

Thanks to his Special Skill: MetaChemistry and his Boarding Shotgun, he will be the perfect troop to protect your Deployment Zone. This is an ideal complement for the Starter Pack of the Neoterran Capitaline Army  as well as for the mercenary forces.

Hecklers (Combi Rifle) (Nomads)


The Hecklers fight in a kind of non-existent war—very covert, but also a very dirty mess. Their orders are simply: to cross the enemy lines and do whatever they can to cause as much chaos and damage as possible.

This blister includes two miniatures: one Heckler with Combi Rifle and a Jammer, and one FastPanda. Certainly, this is a troop to be feared. It’s an ideal complement to the Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska Starter Pack

Chasseurs (Rifle, Light Flamethrower) (Ariadna)


The 4th Chasseurs is a Merovingian regiment operating under Special Operations Command. Its role is to undertake reconnaissance and other special action missions—Renseignement et Actions Spéciales—silently penetrating to the very heart of enemy positions.

The Chasseur is a dangerous infiltrator who helps the forces of the Ariadna Starter Pack (CVB280101) to move forward safely.

Raicho Armored Brigada (Combined Army)

Raichos are the basic instrument of the Morat Armored Brigades: a gargantuan combat machine operated by a bloodthirsty alien.

Their design does not respond to a need for subtlety, but nothing beats them when you need to barge in, guns blazing, through enemy territory. This is the heavy support your Morat Aggression Force Starter Pack needs 

Haqqislam Support Pack

The Najjarun Engineers are destined to always be in the vanguard; they open and clear the way for the rest of the Haqqislamite army. They are also responsible of the maintenance of mechanized and armored units and the Ghulam Doctors are aware that, at the end of the day, it will be up to them to save their brothers in arms. Even in a technological war, an indomitable will is still the sharpest weapon.

This box includes four miniatures: one Najjarun Engineer, one Ghulam Doctor Plus, and two Nasmats, completely re-sculpted. This box is a great complement to the Haqqislam Starter Pack (CVB280489).

Magister Knights (PanOceania)

Magister Knights are those who have devoted themselves entirely to the cause of the militant and combative Church. They serve as an example to all, especially the other members of the religious Order to which they belong.

This box includes four miniatures: one Magister Knight with Missile Launcher, one Magister Knight with Panzerfaust, one Magister Knight with CCW, and one Magister Knight with a Light Shotgun. This box is a terrific way to complement a Fireteam of Knights Hospitaller (CVB280298) and the Military Orders Sectorial Starter Pack 

TankHunters (Ariadna)


This is a two-miniatures blister including one TankHunter with AP HMG and one TankHunter with Portable Autocannon.

Aristeia! hEXx3r Nomad Witch

This new skin is the answer to the wishes from many fans of the most popular character in the HexaDome: What if Aristeia! were a fantasy world? This is the reimagined view of the Nomad Witch.

This high-quality metal version of hEXx3r offers an alternative design, perfect both for players and collectors.

Corey Nelson